How do I choose my rug ?

The choice of an area rug is a tricky business: the right one can finish a space to perfection and can entirely change the atmosphere. Your choice will depend on your taste, the space and style of your interior, the colours, the texture, your budget.


With our 35 years of experience we can advise and assist you with the selection of your rug or kilim, modern or traditional, and this without having to leave home.


We offer you the service of interior decoration targeted specifically on the choice of rugs or kilims.

When buying a rug, we recommend that you try the rug at home before making a decision.



What does our service mean to you?


·         An exchange of emails and photos to view together your needs;

·         An exchange of information with a description of your interior and the future space for your rug to help you decide about the best size, colour and pattern;

·         We will offer professional advice and style suggestions accompanied with photos of rugs or kilims;

·         If you wish we can send a 3D-view of a particular rug in your interior;

·         A home consultation to present you with some of the rugs of your choice (a charge of 50 € will be applied).

Custom-made rugs or kilims

 If you need special dimensions or wish for a particular colour or pattern we can have rugs and kilims custom-made.


Come and visit us to see our extensive stock or give us a call.