Carpets as  thermal and acoustic insulation

Thermal insulation of the floor by a carpet has a great influence on the feeling of well-being in a room.

A rug in wool or silk brings the heat by its material, but also by its colors.

The use of rugs, tapestries, or kilims as a means of insulation is nothing new.

Since the dawn of time, all civilizations used  carpets in their mansions and castles as elements of interior decoration but mainly to isolate themselves from the cold.

Today, using an old or new carpet  is the best economical and ecological solution for extra warmth, without having to increase your heating thermostat.

For maximum comfort and a cosy atmosphere, the sound insulation is essential. A Berber carpet on the ground will dampen contact-sounds and a textile, patchwork, kilim, or a tapestry will reduce air noise.

Also, before you install a floating floor or snag on boxes of eggs on the walls, test the comfort of a carpet or a kilim; environmentally friendly, cheap, easy to install and above all very decorative...

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