Cleaning and restoration of carpets

Your carpet needs cleaning?

Carpets that are entrusted to us are dusted then cleaned with water, dryed and cleaned again.
The fragility of the carpet is taken into account as well as the holding of the colors.
Some stains can be removed easily others will stay, we cann't give a garanty.

Moth or anti-mite treatment is also possible.
A standard cleaning is up to 23 euro m2 and the time is 2-3 weeks.

We only clean handmade carpets and kilims in wool .

Does your carpet also need a restoration?

In principle every rug can be repaired, holes, splits, wear, restoring selvages and ends.
It is important to consider the value, commercial or emotional, of the rug. A complete restoration is not always necessary, a consolidation can be sufficient to preserve the rug.
The best thing to do is to come to the shop with your rug and to discuss about it together.

I can give you an idea about the price for repairing selvages and ends.
These prices can vary depending on the fineness and condition of the rug.
Overcasting selvages that are not broken : +/- 25 euro per metre.
End stitching to lock the wefts and stabilize the end : +/- 35 euro per metre.
Fold lines in a rug should be removed because after a time they can turn into splits.

Sometimes it helps to put an underlay but often the rug has to be blocked.
Blocking is the process by which the rug is slowing and carefully stretched while wet.
The price is 26 euro per sq. metre.
To avoid a rug to slip or creep we sell an underlay anti-slip : 8 euro per sq. metre